The 20th century composer John Bevan Baker was an artist whose deeply held values were embodied in his challenging, tightly-structured, hauntingly beautiful compositions.

His music never fails to provoke admiration for its ability to convey a depth, integrity, and love of life.

"Bevan Baker's music glistens with excitement and vitality, refreshing in its originality..."
Opera Magazine

"Here was a lyricist of a special sort, who could convey his ideas with simplicity of utterance, in tones that were limpid, concise, but never cramped."
Conrad Wilson, The Herald


April 2006

Songs of Courtship and Other Works cd.

John Bevan Baker - "Songs of Courtship and Other Works " is now available on CD!

You can click here to read more details, and reviews, about this exciting recording of Johns' works by the Hebrides Ensemble.

" ....he spins a kind of musical gold..."
International Records Review.
"...sometimes light-footed, sometimes more robust and even lush, but always rhythmically challenging."
McAlister Matheson Music newsletter.